Friday, May 22, 2020

Eid Mubarak 2020


Eid In Islam

Why do Eid celebrate?

 Bismillah Hirarahmanirrahim.  Eid whose every Muslim eagerly waits for a year, be it a child or an old man.  Children are waiting because they have new clothes, Gift and Idi (Rupees given in the gift) which are to be found.  Sewaiyas and new new dishes are made in the houses, everyone goes to each other's house and embraces and congratulates each other.

 But this time our Eid happiness is not as usual , a big difficulty is still in front of us.  May all of you know that .Allah will remove our troubles, Amen.  That is why all of you have to take special care of this, you have to stay at home and offer Eid prayers at home and celebrate the happiness of Eid only with the people staying at home with you.  Because only if we survive this disease, then we will be able to freely celebrate the Eid that comes with our loved  .
      Eid  is celebrated after observing 29 or 30 fasts in Mubarak month  of ramzan .  In the happy month of Ramadan, Allah opens the doors of paradise for His beloved, and closes the doors of the hell ,and the devils are imprisoned.  Jannat is decorated daily, The doors of Tauba are opened.every muslim who died in this month  are are saved from the punishment of the grave.  In this way, the whole Ramadan goes on, and in the last Ramadan, Allah says, my people have recited the prayers of Tarawi in the night. Promised.  To this joy, all the people of Allah together offer 2 Rakat Nafal prayers to shout in the harbor of Allah, or Allah thank you that you have forgiven our sin, we have given our blessings to us, and have made Jannat fit.  This is called Eid prayer.

    Our beloved prophet Huzoor Pak Sallallaho Aleah Vassalm used to first go on the day of Eid and used to wear the best of his clothes, then after offering fajir and eating sweet dish.(dates used to be common in those days, nowa days sevai is eaten) he go to Eidgah. Then offer Eid' namaz. After that, he used to go back home after meeting Eid with his acquaintances, Sahaba and chieftains.  All the Muslims have been playing his Sunnah till now.

        But this time, Allah is so angry with us that we cannot even fulfill all these hearings.  Or may Allah save all of us from this disasters, and make sure to follow the path of faith.  Amen .

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