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Quraan : the holy book

Qran: The holy book of islam

How did the Quran come into the world?

The Quran is the religious text of Musalman.  The Quran was revealed in the world in the month of Ramadan.  It was launched on the nights of Ramadan's Shabe Qadr.  And it took 23 years to complete.  The Qur'an is the book that Allah made for all Muslims, taught them to distinguish good and bad, taught to distinguish between halal and haram.  Allah brought the Qur'an into the world through our beloved prophet Huzur Pak Mohammad Sallallahoalehvasallam.  Our prophet could not read and write.  Allah’s Rāsul states when Allah's order was Then Jibraele Allahsalam (Angel of Allah) used to bring different verses of the Quran, they used to come in different surahs.  There are 114 surahs and 30 mercury in the Quran.

  Allah superseded these Surahs on different occasions.  Gibralaleh Salaam would have come to you (Nabi Sallallaho Aleah Vassalm), had come to Hifz (remembrance) and gone.  And the part that would be completed from one Ramadan to the other Ramadan was heard repeatedly by our prophet Mohammad Sallallaho Aleah Vassalm so that it would be well done.  And whatever our prophet remembered, he would speak to our prophet Sahaba, and Sahaba would write it on the stone or in whatever way it was written at that time.  Later, after the prophet's pardon, these different parts were made into a book by the same. Thus the Qur'an was revealed on different occasions.

 The Qur'an mentions a total of 114 surahs, 540 ruku, 14 prostrations, 6,666 verses, 86,423 words, 32,376 letters, and 24 prophets.

The Quran is written in Arabic and Islam is a monotheistic religion.  It is a book read by many countries and crores of people of the world.  In the Quran, these  are 5 pillars of Muslims -

1. To believe - to bear witness.  'La Ilaha Ilallah Muhammad Rasool Allah' means there is no one except Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, so every Muslim testifies to his belief in being the monotheist of Allah and the Messenger of Muhammad.

 2. Salat - It is called Namaz.  According to Islam, Namaz is the worship of Allah.  Every Muslim has to offer prayers 5 times a day by facing towards Mecca.

3. Roza (Ramadan) - In the month of Ramadan it is duty to keep fasting every Muslim from sunrise to sunset.

4. Zakat - This is a yearly donation.  According to this, every Muslim distributes 2.5% of his earnings to the poor, because in Islam, earning is actually due to Allah.  But this is not a duty on the poor.

5 • Hajj - In the 12th month of the Islamic calendar, there is a religious pilgrimage to Mecca, but Hajj is the duty which is economically normal and can bear the cost of going to Hajj itself.

In this way, the Quran is a way for every true Muslim towards Paradise.  We are in a test that we can imitate from the Quran and pass it 100% of the numbers. Now it is up to us, we want to enjoy the paradise by passing or fail to burn in the fire of the world.

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