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Zakat : The charity in  islam

What is Zakat-

Zakat is one of the pillars of islam.Its a charity in islam called zakat. Zakat method to smooth or purify.  The significance of Zakat also can be understood from the fact that for the cause of financial equality within the society, the Qur'an additionally mentions Zakat in approximately 32 places within the Quran.   Verse no. Of Surah Al-Bakr of the Quran.  177 states, It isn't always suitable that you turn your face to the east or west.  Rather it is proper to agree with in Allah and at the Day of Judgment and on angels, on books and prophets.  Spend two more money inside the love of Allah, relatives, orphans, ushers and passers-by using and those looking for more, notwithstanding being fascinated by the money you've got earned.  Offer namaz and provide zakat.  When someone makes a promise, satisfy it. 

 Be patient in instances of difficulty, suffering, misery and war.  These are the individuals who became out to be true, and they are the ones who fear.
It certainly states that donate to folks who are helpless and negative.  

Zakat is the islamic tax which compulsory on each muslim. The Zakat is an annual charge of 2.5% on any surplus wealth.The word zakat may be described as purification and growth. It permits an character to attain balance and encourages new growth. Strict parameters exist outlining the nisab or threshold ,beyond which a muslim's assets become chargeable for zakat as properly as who is eligible to receive it.
According to islamic doctrine the accumulated amount have to be paid to the terrible and the needy. Zakat collectors, those recently transformed to islam. Those to be free of slavery. Those in debt in the reason of allah and to advantage the strander traveller.
Today in maximum muslim majority countries, zakat contribution are voluntary. While in libya,malaysia, pakistan ,saodi arabia, sudan an yaman, zakat is mandated accrued by using the state.

What is Nisab -

Nisab is the minimum amount that a Muslim have to have earlier than being obliged to zakat.
 The Nisab become set by means of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) at a fee equivalent to: 87.48 grams of gold and 612.36 grams of silver.As we now not use silver or gold as currency, you need to find out the equivalent economic exchange price of the costs the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) set in your local currency.  You can try this with the aid of checking the market rate of gold and silver. The  values ​​used to calculate the Nisab threshold are gold and silver..

Who is Eligible to receive the Zakat

There are eight sorts of human beings in Islam who're  receive the Zakat-

 The destitute :Masakeen means the destitute.  These are the human beings who have no money, cannot have the funds for a two instances meal and don't have any shelter.  They are dwelling a lifestyles with out human dignity so they ought to obtain Zakat

The negative and needy : fuqara refers to the poor who have money but now not sufficient enough to assist their households for even half a year and they need to be given Zakat.

 Zakat Collectors : This category refers to the employees who are appointed through the government to gather the Zakat funds, maintain facts of it and are answerable for its distribution.  All of these personnel are eligible for Zakaah.

Those inclined toward Islam : These are the individuals who may be given Zakaah so one can attract their hearts in the direction of Islam or to reinforce their religion on Islam.  Newly grew to become Muslims are eligible for this criterion.  You also can give Zakat to desperate those who are in dire want of money and might go astray or commit crimes.  To maintain them far from the wrong course you can provide them Zakat.

  Slavery : Zakat funds may be used to free a slave from the bondage of slavery by paying his master.  Zakat money can be used to free a Muslim prisoner who has been captured in a war.  Zakat cash may be given as ransom to free the sufferer who has been kidnapped.

 Debtors :We can supply Zakat to the person who is in debt.  If the man is careless that he's going to spend the money some other place then we can pay immediately to the person that owes money from him.
 In the path of Allah : We need to supply Zakat to folks that are struggling for a proper cause within the course of Allah.  We can also provide to those under this category who're assisting or working closer to a charitable cause.

 Travelers : We can supply Zakat to the lawful tourists who're currently inside the overseas land and want cash.  In considering world preserving the political occasions in thoughts refugees are particularly eligible to get hold of Zakat below this category.

Who is not Eligible for zakat -

  •  The rich- The strong and able poor e.g.  those capable but not willing to work
  •  The heretic, apostate, those disbelievers actively fighting Islam
  •  The family of the Prophet (peace be upon him) - The names of the Prophet's tribes are Banū Hāshim and Banū Muṭṭalib.  
  •  Lineal Descendants i.e.  children and grandchildren
  •   Lineal ascendants i.e.  parents and grandparents.

Who is eligible to pay the Zakat

Zakat is required to be paid if a person is:

  •   Adult (have reached the age of puberty)
  • Muslim (Zakat is not paid by non-Muslims)
  •  Sane
  • In complete ownership of the Nisab

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