Sunday, June 7, 2020


Zakat : The charity in  islam

What is Zakat-

Zakat is one of the pillars of islam.Its a charity in islam called zakat. Zakat method to smooth or purify.  The significance of Zakat also can be understood from the fact that for the cause of financial equality within the society, the Qur'an additionally mentions Zakat in approximately 32 places within the Quran.   Verse no. Of Surah Al-Bakr of the Quran.  177 states, It isn't always suitable that you turn your face to the east or west.  Rather it is proper to agree with in Allah and at the Day of Judgment and on angels, on books and prophets.  Spend two more money inside the love of Allah, relatives, orphans, ushers and passers-by using and those looking for more, notwithstanding being fascinated by the money you've got earned.  Offer namaz and provide zakat.  When someone makes a promise, satisfy it. 


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