Wednesday, June 10, 2020


What is hajj ?


It is one of the five core pillars of Islam, and it is a religious duty to be fulfilled at least once in its lifetime, the duty of every Muslim, whether a woman or a man. Muslim from around the world are converging on Mecca ,Saudi Arabia, to fullfill the last of the five pillars of Islam.  Millions embark on this five day spiritual journey annualy, making it one of the largest gatherings in the world. Unlike mosque gathering where women and men are separated.both genders stand side by side at the grand mosque. Physically and financially capable muslims must perform hajj once during their lifetime. Pilgrims retrace and re-enact the experiences and rituals of the prophets during the five days of hajj. Mecca is the holiest city in islam because its believed to be the birth place of the prophet Mohammed and the site of his first revelation of the Quraan. That's why muslims pray 

World's famous Mosques

World's Famous Mosque

In Islam Mosques are the religious center of Muslims. The Mosque is the main place for faith lifting. Muslims conduct their prayers, hold the Friday Khutbah (congregational sermon), Ramadan night prayers, etc.there are some famous and beautiful Mosques-

Sunday, June 7, 2020


Zakat : The charity in  islam

What is Zakat-

Zakat is one of the pillars of islam.Its a charity in islam called zakat. Zakat method to smooth or purify.  The significance of Zakat also can be understood from the fact that for the cause of financial equality within the society, the Qur'an additionally mentions Zakat in approximately 32 places within the Quran.   Verse no. Of Surah Al-Bakr of the Quran.  177 states, It isn't always suitable that you turn your face to the east or west.  Rather it is proper to agree with in Allah and at the Day of Judgment and on angels, on books and prophets.  Spend two more money inside the love of Allah, relatives, orphans, ushers and passers-by using and those looking for more, notwithstanding being fascinated by the money you've got earned.  Offer namaz and provide zakat.  When someone makes a promise, satisfy it. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Zikr of Allah

Allah ka zikr 

Allah ka zikr itna bada hai ki hmare sare gunah maaf ho jate hai. Hm gumrahi ka rasta chhor kar allah ke raste par ajate hai. Aur allah ke mahboob ban jate hai. Hamare  pyare nabi huzoor pak mohammed sallallah alleh wasallam ki  sahi bukhari aur sahi muslim hi riwayat h ki ek bar koi banda akar aap se puchta h ki , kya jihad k barabar bhi koi amal hai? Toh ap ne farmaya agar ek banda allah k deen ki sarbulandi ke lie nikalta h , aur tum masjid me dakhil ho jao aur sari zindagi tahajjud padho namaze padho, kar sakte ho? Is shaks ne kaha nhi. Toh aap ne kaha toh phir uske barabar koi amal nahi. Lekin sabse pyara amal wo h ki tum duniya se ja rhe ho aur tumhare zuban allah ke zikr se tar ho. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Adam aleh Salam

Adam aleh salam

Adam Aleah Salam was first prophet in Islam.  Through him Allah created the world and the existence of humans came into the world.Adam is described as being kneaded from mud.

 Allah said to the angels:“‘Verily, I am going to place mankind generations after generations on earth.’ They said: ‘Will You place therein those who will make mischief therein and shed blood, while we glorify You with praises and thanks and sanctify You.’ Allah said: ‘I know that which you do not know." (Quran 2:30)


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